Your photos should be as cute as your baby


How many times have you tried to capture your baby's giggles just to have them turn their head the moment you take out your cell phone camera?

We get it. As parents, we've been there, too.

That's why we invented SmileSnappers: Super fun stickers that sit around your phone's camera lens that you baby will love... and smile at!

Voilá! You've got that picture you've been wanting to send to grandma long ago.


"It's amazing how much my 10 month old LOVES the sticker. He chases after me with a huge smile on his face and grabs my phone! It's so cute." -Amy, San Francisco mama


Take better baby pictures

Keep the fun going for your child. Easily swap from one SmileSnapper to another to keep snapping great pictures.

Fits most cases

SmileSnappers are designed to fit the standard Apple iPhone cases. The cut-out hole for the camera and flash measures 18,5mm (0.73in) wide and 8,6mm (0.34in) high.

SmileSnappers for iPhone (fit model 5–8)
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The birth of SmileSnappers

 Founding trio of SmileSnappers

Founding trio of SmileSnappers

Imagine two Europeans having a baby in NYC. Thousands of miles away from home, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are dying for some pictures of the newest edition to the family. That's us. The Zwicksons. 

Mommy Caroline, who is lucky enough to spend her days with baby Felix while working from home, takes one picture after another trying to capture the cuteness of their son. But, as baby nature has it, Felix turns his sweet little face and hides his giggly smiles as soon as mommy's smiley face is replaced with her emotionless phone in front of Felix's face. Well, that's no fun.

Designer daddy Rasmus had the solution: he created a sticker that Caroline could put on her phone -around the lens of her camera- to attract and hold Felix's attention and put a smile on his face at the same time.

To both of their surprise, it worked.

Shortly thereafter SmileSnappers was born with the intention to help other fun-loving parents share the beauty and sweetness of their babies' and children's smiles with friends and family -near and far. 


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